MediaWidget iPod Transfer Software Review

Top iPod to iTunes Pick for 2010!
mediawidgetIf you need easy-to-use software to quickly and easily get songs, videos and more off your iPod and back into iTunes or to a different computer, then MediaWidget is a great program to consider.

You can easily copy all of your iPod playlists, song ratings plus all the content from your iPod directly to any Windows-based computer with iTunes! You can also transfer music, movies and more from your PC onto the iPod very quickly. You can download a FREE TRIAL of this super easy iPod transfer software right now by clicking here!

Now you can transfer music and movies from your old computer to a new computer, or from your old iPod to a brand new iPod or from an old iPod to a new computer. It only takes seconds to transfer all of the content from your iPod into a different computer.

With MediaWidget, you can easily share your music and videos with your friends, family and associates. You can move content from your iPod to a friend’s computer or transfer a video from your friend’s computer to your iPod. There are limitless possibilities!


Here are some of the main benefits of using MediaWidget:

  • You can use your iPod on Multiple Computers! Let’s face it, most of us have a computer, a laptop and another computer at work. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to share the songs and videos on your iPod with all your computers? Now you can!
  • Restore and Backup Your iPod Content! Many people have hundreds, if not thousands of dollars tied up in music and movies on their iPod. The bad thing is if the computer running iTunes crashes, all that content on the iPod is vulnerable and possibly lost when you try to connect it to a new computer. With MediaWidget, this is NOT A PROBLEM – your valuable data is safe!
  • Recover, Un-Delete or Rescue Lost Files! Most of us have experienced a song mysteriously disappearing from our iPod. This typically happens during the iPod/iTunes sync. With MediaWidget, you can recover music and movies from your iPod and get them back into your collection fast!
  • It is One of the Top Rated iPod Transfer Programs Around! It has received 4.5 out of 5 stars from, 5 Cow Rating from plus a clean billing from Softpedia.



  • It can transfer music, videos, movies, photos and more from iPod to iTunes or vice versa.
  • It can transfer iPod playlists, ratings, cover art and more!
  • It has a very easy-to-use transfer wizard – Anyone can do it!
  • it can copy iPod to Computer or Computer to iPod
  • it Supports all models of the iPod and the iPhone!
  • Top rated and spyware free!
  • Click Here to Learn More!

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