Transfer Music from One iPod to Another

Copying your music files from one iPod’s library to another seems like an obvious need for many people. Everday, people upgrade from an older iPod to a newer version of the iPod family, but want to transfer their existing music collection to the new one.  

Unfortunately, Apple decided that iPod owners should should not be allowed to do this. It does not matter the reason. Apple does this to prevent illegal filesharing.

Sadly, all the people doing legal and legitimate file sharing, get caught in the middle. iPod2iPod screenshot

Although Apple does not provide a solution, other third party software developers have provided software to get the job done.

Our favorite solution for copying iPod to iPod is called iPod2iPod. This award-winning iPod to iPod transfer software was created by The Boys DownUnder, a New Zealand software development firm. This software allows you to copy files from one iPod to another via your computer or laptop or even across your network connection. Click Here for More on iPod2iPod.