iPod to iTunes

Do you need to transfer the songs, pictures or music from your iPod to a new computer? There are a number of legitimate reasons to do this, but it is impossible to do this with iTunes alone.

ipodtoitunes.gifYou will need software like iPodĀ 2 iTunes to be able to complete the transfer. With it, you can retrieve your music, playlists, video files and more to your computer in a matter of minutes!

This great software supports all types and generations of Apple iPod. This means if you need to transfer from iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Mini or any other iPod to iTunes, this software can get the job done!

It also allows the ability to connect multiple iPods to one iTunes account. It optimizes your iPod storage by finding and deleting any duplicate songs or videos on your iPod/iTunes.

This program is great and provides piece of mind for people who have suffered a computer crash, a lost hard drive, a stolen laptop or any number of other reasons. Since iTunes only allows one-way transfer (iTunes to iPod), your only choice is iPod2iTunes to get your music, video and playlists back on the new computer.


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