Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer

The Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer software is a great program for transferring songs and files from your iPod to your computer. Since iTunes blocks the iPod to iTunes transfers, this software provides a much needed solution for many iPod owners.Lenogo iPod to PC

Using iPod’s internal database to display the iPod’s contents, the Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer program can easily transfer all the files on your iPod to your computer quickly and easily.

It is fully compatible with all version of iPod including iPod Photo, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle and iPod Video. more…

iPod2iPod Review

With so many new iPods entering the marketplace all the time, chances are you have more than one in your house. Maybe they all belong to you or maybe you have one, your spouse has one and the kids each have one.

iPod2iPod screenshotIf this is the case, you may be looking for software to share music, photos, videos and playlists among your iPods. The iPod2iPod software is just what you need. more…

iPod2iTunes Review

Do you need to transfer the songs, pictures or music from your iPod to a new computer? There are a number of legitimate reasons to do this, but it is impossible to do this with iTunes alone.

ipodtoitunes.gifYou will need software like iPod 2 iTunes to be able to complete the transfer. With it, you can retrieve your music, playlists, video files and more to your computer in a matter of minutes!